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Justice for the Cubs

I remember being 6 or 7 and being obsessed with the show “Wild Kingdom”. I made sure every week I was ready and in front of that damn TV no matter what was going on in the house. Obsessed. I wanted to be a veterinarian (until I realized sometimes you have to stop an animal’s life, or hurt it to help it.), so you could say I have a little spot of love for animals and nature.

One episode I can recall vividly was the story of a particular pack of hyenas. Yea, they’re ugly when they’re adults, but those babies are fracking adorbs.

As the show went on the leader of the pack, the matriarch, died. A new pack leader came in and as with most similar animal pack structures, the babies from the prior lineage had to be killed.

They caught on camera the savage and heart breaking murder of the princess cub. It actually brings tears to my eyes as I replay that clip in my head some 30 years later. The absolute lack of care for that baby. She was an innocent.

Her only crime? Her DNA. Her mother, grandmother. Her birth.

That clip of the hyena cub’s death by an incoming hyena adult was the first time I remember feeling a visceral reaction to the lack of justice in the world and for that particular cub.  From then on I have had a deep, extreme bent toward justice and the lack thereof. The current state of the world has my the fire of justice lit inside me. Watching the hypocrisy, the lack of personal responsibility, the faulting others for one’s own lack of accountability, blanketing what is right for them personally as right for the masses (total and complete bullshit), the brainwashing and propaganda (please look up how propaganda has been used for eons and what kind of propaganda we are experiencing currently: black and white and gray propaganda).  

Through grade school I was beat up on the playground (it’s not an exaggeration) because I was the tallest kid in the school.  Boys would jump on my back, kick, hit me and try to see who could knock me down first. Apparently being the first to do so was some sort of accomplishment – I know see the lack of confidence and the need to dominate as a result starts extremely early in humanity. As soon as I fought back, I’d be the guilty party and be sent to the principal’s office or sent to spend the rest of the recess on the wall in a ‘time out’.  I had no recourse, despite being taller than some of the teachers I was the smallest kid in the school. My height, my DNA was my crime.  I was seen as the “bad kid” for defending myself time and time again.  It’s no wonder when I look back I got into the marriage I did.  The lack of justice at an early age encouraged me to slink back into the corners of my life.  “Don’t make a scene.  Just go with it.  The punishment isn’t worth it. If you don’t fight back you won’t get in trouble.”  

I allowed the world to dominate me.

What I’m seeing in the current world is sparking an extreme sense of justice in me, and many others, reminding me of that hyena cub.  

We feel weak, dominated and in some cases ‘comfortable’ with the false security we have felt for decades in this country, nay the world. We, the cub or the child on the playground going home with bruises and a hurt heart, do not realize that if we came together with others (other cubs) and we stood our ground (fight back) regardless of the ‘punishment’ (standing on the wall) we would be truly free.

See, the real issue is that we do not know what power we have or what freedom actually is. Being told what you can and cannot do is not freedom. Being told to pay taxes that do not go back to us via making our country better (infrastructure, military, veteran affairs, etc etc etc) is not freedom. Being coerced to ‘obey’ to get freedom is not freedom.

The lack of and absolute disregard for justice in the world is currently making my blood boil. I simply cannot stand it.

So what should you, I, us, we do?

Link up with others of the same mindset. Start meeting. Start connecting and planning. A LOT can be done with a few who are bold enough to start.

Become self reliant. Grow your own veggies. Get chickens. Buy guns and ammo, learn to use them (great personal protection as well as if shit hits the fan).

Prepare for worst case and live your best case. Hope is somewhere between.  You cannot depend anymore on anything.  Start preparing yourself and your family NOW.  When you need what you don’t have- it’s too late to prepare.  This goes for your own health and physical readiness, preparing your home and belongings, preparing your finances, your groups, and your mind.

Realize the government does not give two shits (or even one) about you.

Get involved in your local government (Precinct Officer, City Council, School Boards, etc). We can no longer sit idly by as others control our cities and towns with ill intent and no consequence. These positions effect our every day lives more than our Federal government ever will – we hope. If you’re not willing to be a part of your community, do not expect anyone else with your values and morals to do so. Leaving those positions open to those who want to take away American freedoms will only hurt you. Trust me, the time involved is worth it.

Teach your kids to stand for themselves and for what’s right.  Teach them discernment. Critical thinking (board games, building, taking care of animals, give them chores, give them a sense of purpose and the confidence that comes from accomplishing a task and getting better at it, team sports, etc etc etc). Give them the skills necessary to not only take care of themselves but to be able to stand up for themselves and others when the time calls for them to be warriors, not whiners.

Not sure what’s ‘right’?  Pick up a Bible and a Pocket Constitution. Read.  Reflect.  Read some more.  Practice what you read.  LIVE IT. Do not fear those who will try to start trouble with you (think those angry that you do not wear a mask).  Your kids are watching you and they see when you cower, when you stand and what you stand for.  I wore a mask for a time at the beginning of this ‘pandemic’ (revisit what pandemic actually means, then compare years of total deaths, flu deaths, etc to this year) because I didn’t want my kids to see harassment from others toward me.  It happened once.  I knew the elderly gentleman was harassing my kids but I did not turn to him and I would not let my kids look at him as he gestured to them.  Since then I refuse to mask (local restaurants have been my achilles heal).  My children see my stand.  They know that they are safe with me because I have reminded them what we stand for, they know I am prepared to stand for MY rights, as much as anyone else’s.  They know why I carry a gun.  They know who I am. They will not see me be weak, cower or falter on my beliefs.  They are watching.  What they observe, they become.  Be one of the reasons they become good, wholesome, strong (mental, physical and emotional) adults. The world needs more of these.

STAND YOUR GROUND. Being in the middle is never good. Don’t be the middle man. Stand for SOMETHING. Luke warm Patriots and Christians will cause destruction. Take a stand for something. Defy unjust laws and mandates (masks mandates are not laws and you’ll be surprised how many stores do not care if you wear one or not. If they insist – take your business elsewhere). When no one knows where you stand (think masking to go grocery shopping when you do not want to mask) is not making sure the business stays open. It’s allowing the world to walk all over you and your convictions – if you don’t have convictions and are not willing to stand firm for them, you’re wasting your life.

Know what’s going on and what’s at stake. I do not write these words in vain. I write them knowing my children’s futures, freedom, livelihoods are at stake. The writing on the wall is far too clear for me to believe things will ‘work out’ in our favor. What will a world be like for them where they cannot wonder and research things they are curious about (social scores based on internet searches – welcome your vaccine passport), or a world where a man can be murdered on camera and the murderers walk free because it’s ‘not worth’ charging the murderers? What will their world be like when they have no say in how much income they can make or how much time they can spend doing the hobbies they love? Or what they can teach THEIR children, or the stories they can tell? What world will it be when they cannot decide what is put in their body because a government tells them what they must inject in order to buy groceries, go to school or live near others?

I write all of this because my childrens’ lives are more important than mine and so are yours. I am at peace with death. It will happen. When? I don’t know. None of what’s going on will effect me personally all that much (I’m almost 40, half dead already) I’m pretty easy going and can take a lot of shit (oh I have stories. One day maybe you’ll hear them). But what’s happening in this world right now will effect my children and their children.

The hill I must die on will be worth it for them. If it’s not wearing a mask or not getting a vaccine (I have thoughts, and am happy to share) then that is the hill I die on. And I do so for them, not for me. My little hyena cubs that have no say in what’s happening around them currently will live in the world that is not theirs. But they will be the reasons the world changes. Whether they change it or we (my generation) will change it because we realize how important this is for them.

Justice must be served and it starts with US. WE must stand together to ensure justice and right are done BY US.

We are to protect our children. The world’s children. We are to protect freedom. We are to protect each other. We are to protect ourselves It is up to US.

What hill are you standing on?

Are you the playground bully or the bullied?

Are you the punisher or the punished?

Are you the cub? Or are you the incoming bloodline?

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so” -Thomas Jefferson

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