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Iron + Fe.

What makes a woman a woman?  Contrary to popular social justice warriors and liberals who do not concern themselves with biology, the characteristics that make a woman a woman are:  breasts that produce milk (men don’t do this), vaginas, uteruses, ovaries which house eggs to be fertilized by male sperm.  Estrogen is our testosterone.  So, no.  Being strong, independent humans does not make us female. Those things literally make you a strong, independent human.

It’s literally about biology, not sociology.  

I frankly, believe a woman’s body is extremely unique and special.  I don’t believe anything is wrong with a woman covering her breasts (#freethenipple) and feel that, whether we have overly sexualized a woman’s body or not, we hold special ‘power’ in our bodies that is worthy of being kept from the public eye.  Our bodies can turn a man’s head, can cause internal disruption (good or bad) in men and women (arousal, discomfort, awe).  We have the ability to make life (literally create life) and we have the power to destroy humanity. Keeping your body away from public eyes is nothing to be ashamed of. Showing your body is nothing to be ashamed of.

 My body is not unique… it is special. Not because of the muscle I have, the curves that make my shape or the parts of me that I fear other’s see.

Do I care if people see my nipples, or see my scarred breasts?  Not really. It’s just skin. Parts that every woman has – not special.

I DO find it incredibly special to show myself in such vulnerability to those I choose, in person.  You can see the female body as a dime a dozen AND as something very sacred and beautiful. There is not black and white here. Grey is beautiful.

Iron, element 26 on the periodic table is an #essential element (creation of life); the average human contains ~4g, mostly in blood – which carries oxygen to tissues via hemoglobin and is the most naturally magnetic element (humanity is drawn to the feminine).  It’s needed for growth & development (#motherhood). Excessive (poison is the dose) amounts cause damage to the human body (too much Fe(menism) is deadly).  

A shiny, bright white metal (#beautiful); soft (Fe(minine)) in it’s purest form AND strong (what a concept) as well as brittle (easily broken). Highly corrosive when combined with damp air (beauty becomes ugly when surrounded by toxic elements #thecompanyyoukeep). Combined with O2 (#male) it gives blood its red color – #yinandyang, #strongmen #strongwomen

It’s possible to be unique and the epitome of what you are at the most basic description.  We are beautiful, special, strong, soft, curvy, mesmerizing, head turning, lean and every descriptive word in between.  You have power you do not recognize.  Female beauty is  who we are AND what we become. It’s a process and a work of art along the way.

Strong women make strong men, we encourage men because we are strong (as they do us, thank you #men!).  #HelenofTroy.


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