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Dear You,

Dear You,

Yes, You. The one feeling guilty about what you ‘did’ ‘ate’ yesterday. The one calculating how many calories or carbs you MIGHT have had. And how many you need to cut out today.

You, rearranging today to fit in extra cardio or a second gym sash.

Dear You,

Looking in the mirror at your thicker self, not seeing the extra water, not fat your body is holding onto now, feeling less than perfect and feeling angry for eating the 3rd piece of your favorite desert.

The one feeling absolutely defeated by a holiday filled with food and gatherings. Feeling like a failure because that willpower just wasn’t there yesterday.

You, thinking you’ll need to do a cleanse or detox, buy a new juicer because starving yourself is the only way you’ll get the weight off that you gained yesterday.

Dear You,

It was one day. It was a beautiful day. You made memories. You, hopefully, connected with friends and family, laughed – maybe until you cried. You had a good time. You won’t gain all the fat. What you did gain is not fat. You don’t have to torture yourself with extra cardio, less food or buying bigger clothes or talking negatively about yourself and what you did.

You don’t have to relive yesterday. You don’t have to think of what you think you did wrong yesterday, over and over and over. You don’t have to let tomorrow carry over into today.

Dear You,

You don’t need to set a New Years Resolution of weight loss, fat loss, getting fit, or anything that has to do with the gym or food. You can make a resolution to love yourself more, to care for yourself more and to not live your life centered around restricting food or using food to cope or using food and drink as a way to keep yourself where you are now. Let yourself be free of that. Let yourself love yesterday and today. Let yourself be.

Dear You,

Let yesterday go.  It’s done. It’s time to move on, move forward and do not what NEEDS to be done, but do what you can, do what you can stick with and do what feels good. Take a walk, drink your water, laugh, touch/hugs, talk.

Always forward, never back.

Dear You,



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